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Optiquick© Setting System

Ploughing at any working width without lateral forces

Vorderfurchen- und Zugpunkteinstellung beim EurOpal
Adjustment of front furrow width and tractor/plough line for EurOpal
Anpassung der Arbeitsbreite beim VariOpal
VariOpal working width adjustment

The precise plough adjustment is an important factor to minimise material wear and reduce fuel consumption. This is why LEMKEN has developed its unique Optiquick adjustment system. Optiquick allows for easy and efficient adjustment of front furrow width, and tractor/plough pull line, independently of each other. Time and money are saved as a result.

  • The plough is perfectly adjusted if the tractor/plough pull line – in this case the line between Z and PZ – runs through the middle of the tractor’s rear axle M. Z is the point, where the imaginary extension lines of the lower links cross, PZ is the centre of the plough.
  • Firstly, the front furrow width is adjusted. This is done by means of the outer turnbuckle. The tractor/plough pull line is not yet ideal, because the line between Z and PZ does not go through the middle of the rear axle. The plough will pull the tractor to one side.
  • Lateral forces are eliminated by adjusting the inner turnbuckle until the tractor/plough pull line crosses the tractor’s rear axle in point M. The width of the front furrow remains unchanged despite the pull point correction.
  • Once set, the front furrow and the tractor/plough pull line are adjusted automatically for all Vari models with hydraulic working width adjustment.

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