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Lemken presents its field sprayer flow monitor

Monitoring of every nozzle

Usually, a tractor driver cannot see the entire field sprayer boom, making it almost impossible to detect blocked nozzles by eye. Monitoring systems, which illuminate the spray pattern, can help but show the problem only at the exact point the problem occurs. For example, the operator cannot check correct operation whilst turning on the headland. Now, with Lemken's launch of an electronic flow monitor on each individual nozzle, such problems are a thing of the past. In the event of a malfunction - for example, through soiling - the nozzle in question is highlighted on the sprayer's in-cab control terminal, and the fault continues to be reported until the operator clears the alarm. This makes it almost impossible for a blocked nozzle to go undetected by the operator. The new technology was awarded a silver medal by DLG at the Agritechnica 20

Einzeldüsenventile mit Sensor zur Durchflussüberwachun
Individual nozzle valve with the sensor (1) for flow monitoring (2)
Einzeldüsenventil (1) mit Sensor zur Durchflussüberwachung (2)
Individual nozzle valves with sensors for flow monitoring
Anzeige einer Funktionsstörung an einem Einzeldüsenventil auf dem Terminal: hier der Fehler A10 an der Düse Nr. 60 im 5. Klappsegment rechts
Display of a problem of an individual nozzle valve on the control terminal: here problem A10 at nozzle 60 in the 5th section on the right side
  • A sensor in the individual nozzle valve monitors the flow of spray to each individual nozzle. If a fault occurs, an alarm signal is sounded at the same time as the fault is shown on the display terminal. The driver is told which nozzle is affected, meaning he doesn’t have to waste time checking and cleaning other nozzles. The control terminal enables every nozzle to be individually monitored, including those ones that cannot be seen from the driver's seat because they are concealed by the tank. 
  • Individual nozzle monitoring also contributes a great deal to easing the driver's workload. The driver no longer has to glance back to check application quality. He can concentrate fully on achieving a precise and safe driving path. This in turn helps to avoid any loss of earnings through unequal spray distribution. An added advantage is that the driverss can always work with full control over the nozzles, irrespective of the time of day or the amount of light available. The ability to spray confidently in hours of darkness can help to optimise application times. 

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