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DuraMaxx plough bodies for all soil conditions

Safe to use and cost-effective on all soils

The DuraMaxx bodies are a completely new plough body concept which enables the service lives to be increased by 75 % and the set-up time to be reduced by up to 80%.

  • The Duramaxx parts are manufactured from much harder steel than before. This is made possible as the material is no longer weakened by drilling and punching Mould boards and slats are supported fully by the frog and other support structures.
  • They is no longer a load-bearing part of the plough body.
  • This means they can be worn much thinner without risk of snapping due to the soil forces on them.




Changed quickly without tools

The DuraMaxx plough bodies are designed in such a way that mouldboards, slats, and shins can be changed quickly without tools. 

  • The shin is held in place by a lynch pin. Pulling the pin allows the shin to be removed. The shin, in turn, holds the mouldboard or slats in place. Once the shin is off, these slide forwards and out without the need for any tools.
  • Even the share point, which is attached with a single bolt only, can be changed much more quickly than on conventional systems.

The body structure

The DuraMaxx plough body is available with mouldboards or slats. 

  • The mould board and the slats are attached with only two hooks. 
  • In the case of the slatted bodies the clearance between the slats and supports is greatly increased. Supports are set in line with slats, which reduces the possibility of blockages from soil running through the slats.

DuraMaxx Hybrid for sticky soils

Plastic slats are also available for the DuraMaxx plough body. These are ideal for use on extremely sticky soils and in soil conditions in which little pressure is applied to the mouldboard.

  • The best sliding properties are achieved by using plastic strips at the top and bottom of areas of the plough body susceptible to adhesion. 
  • The ­DuraMaxx body therefore works without “adhesion problems” even under extreme conditions.

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