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LEMKEN Diamant 11 and 12

LEMKEN’s proven range of semi-mounted ploughs, with 160 mm beam, has been further improved with the launch of the Diamant 11 and 12 series models.

The new machines include a number of new features such as the DuraMaxx bodies fitted to the Juwel mounted plough range. DuraMaxx slats and mouldboards are made from high-carbon steel, without drill or punch holes, allowing increased hardening, higher wear resistance, and a particularly long service life. Because they are not bolted on, but rather simply hooked in, without any need for tools, they can also be changed quickly. Individual slats are also available in plastic to ensure that ploughing is always ideal, even on sticky soil.

  • The Diamant 11 is available with a maximum of 9 furrows, whilst the Diamant 12 can have up to 10 furrows depending on its equipment specification. Both ploughs are also available with the Hydromatic auto-reset system. This ensures that the tripping body is always returned to the ideal working position even under difficult conditions. 38 cm upwards movement, and 20 cm to the side, are more than enough, even for deep ploughing, to ensure that work continues without an interruptions. This is aided by the high tripping forces which can be easily adjusted to changing ground conditions from the comfort of the tractor seat. 
  • The Diamant 11 is equipped with a traction increase unit, similar to that used on the semi-mounted Karat cultivator range. The Diamant 12 is available with a new traction increase unit with headland management included in its basic version. The traction increase unit ensures that weight is shifted from the plough and tractor front axle to the tractor rear axle thereby reducing wheel-slip on the tractor. Reduced wheel-slip translates directly to increased output and reduced fuel consumption for the user. At the headland the traction increase unit, on the ­Diamant 12, automatically regulates the pressure in the hydraulic system to match the bucking angle between the plough and the tractor so that the tractor remains stable at all times. The pressure in the traction increase unit can also be reduced to achieve a stable transport ride. 
  • The electro-hydraulic angle adjustment is also new to the Diamant 12. This means that the plough inclination can be adjusted and saved directly from the tractor. The turnover device holds the plough non-mechanically in the pre-set position, so that the body remains securely seated in the ground even when a packer is mounted. This enables the Diamant 12 to plough particularly well with the newly integrated LEMKEN FlexPack.



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