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Automatic coulter pressure control from LEMKEN

Perfect seed delivery every time

Crop uniformity and germination percentage are particularly dependent on the quality of the seed placement. A uniform sowing depth for the seed is a key factor in achieving excellent field emergence. The new automatic coulter pressure control, from Lemken, ensures the placement of every seed is perfect even under changing conditions. The system provides a constant seed depth as soil changes from heavy to light and back, and is independent from any changes in forward speed. This innovation was awarded a silver medal by DLG at the Agritechnica 2011

LEMKEN Schardruckregelung
The OptiDisc double disc coulter with the impacts and forces: 1 working direction, 2 central hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment, 3 driving speed,
LEMKEN Schardruckregelung
4 buoyant force, 5 penetration resistance, 6 pressure of the depth-guide wheel
  • Without a coulter pressure control, the parallelogram-mounted OptiDisc double disc coulter sinks slightly deeper into the soil when a change is made from heavy to light soil. When the coulter sinks in, the pressure on the depth-guide wheel increases. The reverse effect – namely a drop in pressure on the depth-guide wheel - occurs when changing from light to heavy soil or when the speed is raised. This results in changes in seeding depth and reconsolidation level, which generally have to be manually counteracted.
  • The new automatic coulter pressure control means the required pressure, for the coulter and depth wheel, can now be pre-set from the control terminal. When driving, a sensor constantly measures the pressure on the depth-guide wheel. If the pressure on the depth-guide wheel changes, because of a change in speed or ground conditions, the automatic coulter pressure system responds immediately. The central hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment is used to ensure that the reconsolidation pressure of the depth-guide wheel is always constant. Accordingly, the penetration depth of the depth-guide wheel remains constant and therefore the seed depth is accurate. 




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