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Compact-Solitair 9 HD

LEMKEN Compact-Solitair 9/600 KHD
LEMKEN Compact-Solitair 9/600 KHD
Die Werkzeuge der Compact-Solitair 9/600 KHD
The tools of the Compact-Solitair 9/600 HDK

Demand is growing for fertilizer placement in rape and cereal seeding. For this reason, LEMKEN has added a six metre grain and fertilizer version of the Compact-Solitair with Heliodor-based cultivation section, Seed and fertilizer are placed simultaneously, with the fertilizer placed between the seed rows and below the seeds. In both conventional and minimum tillage cultivation, a speedy seedling development is achieved. With summer cereals in regions with brief vegetation periods, in particular, significant increases in profits can be realised. 

  • The approximately 5,000 litre capacity tank is split into two sections. Its dividing wall can be easily adjusted to hold fertilizer and seed in a ratio of 40:60, 50:50 or 60:40. Both tank sections can be filled using a big bag or optional filling auger. 
  • The electrically driven feeder shafts, for seed and fertilizer, allow seed and fertilizer rates to be continuously adjusted independently of each other. Seed rates of 1.5 to 300 kg/ha are possible, with fertilizer placement from 50 to 600 kg/ha.
  • The LEMKEN Solitronic system allows the operator to monitor and control all machine functions via a user friendly in-cab control terminal. A control system that complies with the ISOBUS standard is also available.
  • Heliodor compact disc harrow tools are used for seedbed preparation. 400 mm diameter double disc coulters place fertilizer, behind the cultivation section, and allow depth to be adjusted independently of other parts of the machine. Their coulter pressure can be increased to a maximum of 150 kilogram. Finally, the large tyre packer wheels guarantee optimum reconsolidation of the seedbed ahead of the seed coulters. For additional pre-compression of the seed rows, LEMKEN offers an integrated trapeze packer roller. 
  • The low-maintenance OptiDisc double disc coulters, with depth control wheel and row distance of 167 mm, guarantee exact seed delivery with uniform seed depth. The arrangement of the tools, and the delivery of the fertilizer between the seed rows, ensure that all the plants receive an optimum amount of fertiliser while also helping to reliably avoid any cauterisation of the plant roots - thereby providing the ideal conditions for speedy growth.
Type 9/400 HD 9/600 K HD
Working width(cm) 400 600
Liczba redlic / fertiliser coulters 24/12 36/18
Row distance of seed coulters / fertilizer coulters (mm) 167/334 167/334
Waga (kg) 4.355 9.593
Tank volume (l) 3.500 (variable division) 5.000 (variable division)
HP 140 - 240 180 - 300
kW 103 - 176 132 – 221
  • Lower link attachment Cat. 3N=L2 Z3 (or Cat. 3) 
  • Working section with notched concave discs, Ø 465 mm, two rows
  • Stepless hydr. working depth adjustment for compact disc harrow
  • Tyre packer roller 405/70-20 AS 504 Ø 1.097 mm
  • Headland management
  • Hydraulically driven fan
  • Electronic seed drill control Solitronic
  • Rubber suspended double disc coulters OptiDisc
  • Cushioned double disc coulter Ø 400 mm for fertilizing
  • Two-part hopper for seed and fertilizer with a capacity of 3.500 l (partition 60:40, 50:50 or 40:60 available) with outside located seed and fertilizer distributors
  • Lateral foldable cover
  • Coulter pressure adjustment electro-hydraulic via operation terminal
  • Hopper sieve
  • Electronic hopper level indicator for seed and fertilizer
  • Electrically driven seeding and fertilizer shaft
  • Pulse wheel Ø 350 mm
  • Dust filter
  • Digital scale with case
  • Fertilizer grid
  • Lateral loading platform for seed and fertilizer
  • Without lighting equipment

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